"Against Gods" EP

"Against Gods," my new EP, is available now on major music applications and websites. "Against Gods" is my most personal song. My songs are often about explaining an issue, such as "Bipolar," in which I discuss what Bipolar is and how I handle it using reasoning, realism, and facts. "Against Gods" is how I personally feel, with some rationalization but also a lot of emotion.

This song expresses how I, as an agonistic individual, feel about any God(s) that may exist or any God(s) that we believe in but may not be real. I see no actual difference between the God(s) that are physically real in our world and those that we believe in. I don’t feel safe with any God. I don’t feel capable because of God.

After my TBI (traumatic brain injury), which happened 7 years ago, I had to relearn every skill I now have, including relearning the entire language of English (aphasia). I didn’t have time to think about any God, what that God gave or took from me, or why it matters. None of that helped me to relearn English, photography, music, mixing, and digital painting. I had all of the control to relearn these skills.

I have a lot of control over what happens in my life, especially if I allow myself to have that control. I will never give control over a person that might be real or might not be. I will not lose the control that I have learned. I am the most stable and useful version of myself, and I can own that I have done this, not a God.

This does not mean that I am perfect. It does not mean that I am better than anybody else. To me, those thoughts are manic thoughts. I still have manic thoughts daily, but now I see that I don’t have to use those manic thoughts. They come and go in a river of thoughts.

I didn't write this song to change people's opinions, but I did want to connect with individuals who may share my thoughts.

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