First Top List - Passion Flower

  1. All kinds of anxiety. I use Passion Flower daily to help me with my personal OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and my bipolar 1.

  2. Passion Flower has brought my husband from a state of utter fear to a state of normalcy, including slowing his heart rate. Because panic attacks vary from other types of anxiety, I've chosen to include "Panic" as its own item on this list.

  3. Insomnia treatment. Every night, I use a Passion Flower to help me sleep. It assists me in stopping my thoughts so that I can rest enough to sleep.

  4. Passionflower may aid with menopausal symptoms.

  5. It may assist with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and help you concentrate on a daily basis. It also helps people with ADHD.

Here are a few of the main reasons to use passion flower. Of course, you should always see your primary care physician regarding passion flower, the side effects, and if passion flower may interfere with one of your other medications.

In my upcoming blog, I will discuss passion flower and how it has benefited me personally.

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