Learning About RAW Pills, Powders, and Teas

I suffered a TBI 7 years ago (traumatic brain injury). I was in a coma and suffered a stroke while in the hospital. When I eventually woke up, I could only speak "fu**" and "love," which is known as aphasia. Because of my aphasia, I had to relearn the entire language of English, almost as though it was a second language to me.

After years of self-improvement, I am now a professional writer once again. I'm a resume writer/career coach, which means I'm engaged with individuals who want to solve problems and live their best lives. I find this profession to be incredibly beneficial to myself since I am a part of someone else's development. It is about being thankful and concerned about the world around you.

Throughout my life after my TBI, I have had and will continue to have prescription medications and natural pills that are a big part of why I live such a stable and productive life. On this website, I will talk about some of the pills, powders, and teas that I personally use as well as learning about other natural items that have helped other people.

As a person suffering from bipolar 1 and OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), I couldn't live my life without these natural pills, powders, and teas. These materials, along with my work on myself, which includes CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), the Enneagram, and the DISC, have shown me how to regulate my emotions rather than allowing my emotions to manage me.

I will always be interested in any comments that you might have and will always try to reply to every comment. Thank you for being a part of this personal story.

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