Liar Liar!

My new single talks about my career as a professional liar. For 2 years, I was British. I spoke exactly like a person from Bristol and became a copywriter using a bachelor's degree that I did not have. I was truly a professional liar.

Eventually, I even started believing in my lies. By the time I had my TBI (traumatic brain injury), I actually thought I was British, that I was from Bristol. I think that this song is very interesting when you think about our current culture, seeing that attention means more than skills, what we are producing, or even reality.

I remember I used to feel clever because of my lies, that I could lie so well. As a person with bipolar 1, I think that bipolar is all about using a thought without taking the time to rationalize that thought. This is not just true for people with bipolar, though.

Please comment on this song. I made this song because I wanted to talk about how this kind of thinking is changing the world around us. I am very interested in any thoughts you might have!

Below is a link for Passon Flower, a natural anxiety herb that I use daily, both for my OCD (obsessive-compulsive therapy) and my bipolar. It helps me to slow my mind, which allows me to rationalize my thoughts before using them. Together with CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), the Enneagram, and exercises, I have learned how to discard those thoughts, thoughts about getting what I want right now, no matter what or who I might hurt. After having a few years of working on this, I am naturally a much more balanced person. I have seen how much more stable and capable I am when I am more consciously aware of what I am doing and why I am doing it. All of this is about me finally learning about mental health so that I can stay balanced.

Link For Passion Flower

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