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Are there natural pills supplements for anxiety? The answer is yes. Every day, I take two Passion Flower tablets. Passion Flower is a very useful natural supplement to reduce anxiety. Since my TBI (traumatic brain injury), I've been under a great deal of stress. Stress may be triggered by anxieties, some of which are triggered by my PSTD and others that are solely OCD-related, meaning that the fears have no logical reason and are not rooted in my history.

When I suffered my TBI 7 years ago, I couldn't speak or move my arms or legs. In many respects, I was like a baby. Having aphasia, I had to relearn the entire language of English. This occurs in some individuals who have TBIs as well as in some people who suffer strokes. It was quite challenging for me since I had worked as a professional copywriter for at least 15 years. It is an important component of who I am. This is why I like writing these posts so much. I worked very hard to re-learn this skill.

I started taking Passion Flower a few years ago. I was experiencing severe anxiety because I had a lack of confidence. I couldn’t be confident because I didn’t have any of the skills that I used to have. I used to feel that being hard on oneself was the only way to progress, and this is primarily a view in our culture, in which we believe that being hard on ourselves is what keeps us going forward.

A psychiatrist prescribed lorazepam to alleviate my anxiety, which I took three times a day. I was not informed, however, that lorazepam might be addictive. Lorazepam belongs to the Benzodiazepines family of medications, which includes well-known pharmaceuticals like Xanax and Valium. I wasn't consciously aware of why I was taking these tablets daily. I didn't always need 3 tablets daily. I just consume them on a routine basis since that's what I believed I was supposed to do. I could have had two or even one pill on certain days, but I had three since I wasn't thinking about what I have been doing.

I wasn't as mindful of a lot of things in my life at the time, so this wasn't exclusive to these pills. About two years after my TBI, I began researching CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) because I was tired of giving bipolar so much power. I wanted to be able to pick and choose the ideas I wanted to employ. It may seem to be a simple concept, but how many of your behaviors and actions are things you deliberately choose to do? CBT gave me authority over myself that I had never had before. I didn't have to act on a crazy thought. It's possible that I'll notice it in my stream of thoughts and decide not to embrace it.

When I told Joshua about it, he told me about Passion Flower and how addictive Benzodiazepines medications can be. He spoke about how he's experienced how beneficial Passion Flower can be for himself and others. Because Passion Flower is natural, the side effects were far less than those linked with lorazepam. While working as a professional life coach, Joshua employed Passion Flower to help individuals suffering from acute anxiety and panic attacks.

I planned to reduce my Lorazepam dose from 3 tablets (1 MG each) per day to 0 pills per day. I started with 2.5 pills instead of 3 Lorazepam tablets, using a pill cutter. It was much easier since I was moving so slowly that nothing seemed to be occurring. The three pills that were removed were replaced with Passion Flower. This was something I did for six months. Every month, I had to wean myself off of Lorazepam by removing 1/2 of a pill.

I don't feel obligated to take 3 or 2 tablets with Passion Flower. I normally take two tablets every day. They help me keep calm while working, although I can get by with only one tablet. Another reason to use Passion Flower instead of Lorazepam is that it may aid with seizures. Since my TBI, I've had seizures. My last seizure happened almost four years ago. As a person with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), having a seizure is my worst fear since it deprives you of ALL control. People with OCD are looking for control. I will talk about this in a future blog.

I am always interested in your personal stories using natural pills, powders, and teas, like Passion Flower. If you have a useful story using Passion Flower, please write a comment so all of us can read it.

Please talk with your primary doctor to make sure that these natural pills, powders, and teas do not have any side effects with any medications you have. I am not a doctor.

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