Using Personality Types

The main goal of using the Enneagram, DISC, MBTI, or any other personality type theory is to understand our core thoughts and beliefs, which will allow us to identify our positive and negative triggers. Everyone experiences stress, but it manifests in various ways for different individuals. Because your core thoughts vary from mine, what is upsetting to me may not be distressing to you.

Knowing our underlying beliefs and characteristics can give us power over our lives and our future. In the Enneagram, I am a type 5 with a wing of 4. A wing is a subtype that may affect my essential ideas and emotions about the environment around me and within me. Type 5's are highly rational and use reasoning to regulate our emotions, which may be good but can also become more controlling. This can be challenging for a 5 type when there are intense feelings that we are trying to suppress.

My subtype, 4 (wing), is all about individualism, which manifests as the emotional aspect of me that desires to express itself through creativity. It is the part of me that uploads my music so that the rest of the world can hear it. This personality type has both positive and dangerous versions. I am most competent when I upload my work, which demonstrates my talents and interests, however, I am less effective when I market myself without work to show. This knowledge is helpful when considering how social media has altered our culture. I've recently chosen to avoid all social media except LinkedIn and YouTube since both of these social media platforms are packed with excellent information.

When I consider my basic beliefs as a type 5, such as the notion that I may be greedy with my time, I can understand why I respond to the world the way I do. Another core thought is that I feel the safest when I am in my own mind, away from the world around me. This model of personality types reveals my essential thoughts, which I may then use as I see fit.

This is why I use Passion Flower, a natural herbal supplement that helps me with my anxiety. I use Passion Flower because the world around me is loud, chaotic, and often, too much for me, which is why I always react by going deeper into my own mind instead of connecting with the world around me.

Here are two links that I personally use to get the Passion Flower that I need. The first is a link to Passion Flowers pills that I use daily, and the second is to a sleeping tea containing Passion Flower: &

I believe that natural products such as Passion Flower may aid people of all types, and I will talk more about natural anxiety pills, powders, teas, and vitamins in a future blog.

These personality types assist us in understanding who we are. It gives us a foundation upon which to develop. If we are off-balance about one of our feelings, which happens to all of us, we can always go back where we began, to the ground we created, applying these essential beliefs.

I would say that Passion Flower has enabled me to slow down my thinking so that I can respond with greater awareness. I am far less governed by my instinctive thoughts, feelings, and triggers. Slowing down our thoughts allows us to better comprehend why we are saying something and what we want to accomplish by saying it.

I am not a doctor, you should always consult with a doctor or licensed medical professional about the pills you are currently using and how these natural supplements may interfere with your prescriptions.

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